Working at the Polls in the Era of COVID-19

Our democracy works best when as many eligible voters as possible vote. What makes high voter turnout possible are the hundreds of thousands of people who sign up to work at polling places during our elections. Often, election officials have trouble finding enough people to work. Many officials are in need of individuals with  the technical skills needed as voting equipment gets more complicated, as well as those who are multilingual and can assist voters who may be less comfortable with English-only information.

Traditionally, many poll worker positions have been filled by older Americans, a population that could be more susceptible to serious complications if they are exposed to the coronavirus. Because of the pandemic, upcoming elections may see large numbers of citizens voting by absentee ballot. Even in those circumstances, poll workers will be needed:

  1. to replace many of the older poll workers who don’t feel comfortable working at polling places, and
  2. to help count the increased number of absentee ballots in states where a larger number of voters will vote by mail.

Election officials will continue to work hard during the pandemic to make polling places as safe as possible. Please refer to the CDC’s COVID-19 website for information on staying safe during the pandemic. Specific information pertaining to voters and poll workers is available here.

Our elections must continue without disruption, and that means there is a need for more poll workers – especially those who are at lower risk of serious complications. There is always a need for more tech-savvy poll workers and, in many areas, those who are multilingual, too.

Countless numbers of Americans have fought and sacrificed to protect our right to vote. Especially during these challenging times, we need you to do your part to make our democracy work.

If you are vaccinated or at lower risk with regards to coronavirus, we encourage you to serve your community as a poll worker. Apply today!